LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Hello World ! *

Welcome to AK, The Watch Maker Manufacture. We don't know how you arrived in our watchmaking laboratory, but we are delighted to meet you.

Hello World ! *

Welcome to AK, The Watch Maker. We don't know how you arrived in our watchmaking laboratory, but we are delighted to meet you.

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Now that you're here, you're going to have a tour of our workshop, aren't you?

AK is an avant-garde horological art house. Basically, we make Haute Horlogerie watches with completely new and somewhat crazy mechanisms. We develop never-before-seen designs, technical works of art on which we test many innovations. All to imagine perfect toys for the wrist.

Our timepieces are made in small quantities in our workshop based in Portugal. In the workshop, we imagine, we explore, we experiment, we assemble... and we share.

Our watches do not build themselves, but with you.

When we imagine a timepiece, we pay attention to your feedback. On IG or Facebook, we share the first sketches of the model and we listen to your comments. On TikTok, we show you how it's done and discuss technique. We try to show as much as possible whether through videos or live when we organize visits to the workshop.

What we try is to forge a strong bond with you. We take your feedback into account to build our watches collection together. The object will certainly take longer to come out of the ground, but we prefer not to rush the creative adventure too much. It is this time of reflection and discussion with our customers that allows the authentic and the unexpected to germinate.

The important thing is that our watches are fun, amazing, daring ... and of course easy to wear. If our watches have managed to tickle your curiosity, then that's not bad, right?

What makes our watches unique

So, want to know more about our wristwatches?

We are not going to give you a long speech on our designs. You've noticed: our watches aren't exactly conventional.

Beyond their unusual shapes, what makes each AK wristwatch unique, is their hybrid manufactured movements.

“Hybrid calibers, what are these ? These are mechanical watches movements to which electronic faculties are added to multiply their capacities. Electronics are used as an amplifier to create new horological complications.

Thanks to this clever mix of mechanics and electronics, for each AK watch ship, there is a caliber with each time a new surprise complication.

An exclusive collection

The hybrid movement is exclusive to AK watches. Gotta say what is, making watches interactive is so cool, isn't it?

But beware, our watches are produced in limited editions. We cannot mass produce, our watch manufacture is on a human dimension. As the technology we use does not yet exist on the market, we have to manufacture the vast majority of the parts ourselves.

It is for this reason and because our watch movements are finished by hand that we have a limited production.

To complete our  jewellery collection and because our Tiktok audience has asked for it, we also make accessories for watchmakers and collectors. Magnifying glass, screwdriver… We have improved the essential tools to make them precious gifts for all watch lovers.

And of course, each of our luxury timepieces are produced with the greatest care,respecting the requirements of Swiss Made, a symbol of quality, safety, authenticity and reliability.


*Are you still reading us?

Thank you it's a pleasure ;-).

As “Hello World” are the first words you code when learning a new computer language, we thought these would be the right first words to get to know each other.

One last thing, and then you can visit our site at your ease. Even if we like computer languages, it is not an Artificial Intelligence that is behind all this. Behind our watches, you will find a team of humans who are a little overwhelmed but who are happy to make new friends. See you !


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