AK, The Watch Maker

The original idea of AK stems from a huge desire to offer watches with unusual shapes and original mechanisms resulting from an exploration of unknown territories, unusual and fallow on the watchmaking side. It is the desire to ignore the cultural taboos of the profession and to dream and think of a new watchmaking era differently.

At the origins: a legendary product

The story of AK began on a famous Geneva terrace in the early summer of 2007, on a piece of paper AK, industrial designer, scribbles the first sketches of a future legendary watch the WARP.


A legendary product that reinvents all the rules of watchmaking, the WARP has made an impression and left many traces in the history of watches.

We lost a battle but not the war

At the end of 2008, following the financial crisis, AK lost its principal investor. The first watches, whose production had already started, will still be able to be produced and delivered in 2010. But AK doesn't have the means to continue its activity.


A few watches are still produced by one's own efforts and delivered until 2013. These were fully customizable models, made exclusively on demand, by A. Kapshitzer personally, and delivered after 6 months.


The rebirth of the phoenix

Now we are writing the future of the brand. In the spring of 2020, at the start of the health crisis, we wanted to revive the AK Genève project. A new company is born, but this time we decide to base it in Portugal. Because we are no longer in Geneva, we have renamed the brand AK Watch Maker.  Quite simply because, we are watch makers.

Of course, we brought in our baskets our traditional Swiss know-how and our experience. And we stopped here to build the first Portuguese Haute Horlogerie Manufacture.

It is in this factory that all the watches of the AK Watch Maker brand are produced.


Creative freedom

To wear an AK is to have a unique, rare and daring watch on your wrist. For each model, we seek innovation and progress. We work with ultra-modern materials, innovative shapes, creative methods ... and our only limit is your comfort.

AK is reinventing the codes of watchmaking art by mixing know-how with exclusive technologies for content that is always innovative and creative.

Space watch chronoscaphe and astronaut

And always with eyes on the future

Our confidence in the future reflects itself in our desire to always work with innovative methods, but above all in our first source of inspiration: Space. In all our designs, you will recognize a spatial influence, in form or use. It isn't a coincidence that the WARP has been nickname a "Star Trek" watch.


As of this writing, we can't afford to sponsor NASA or an exploration mission, but that doesn't stop us from dreaming that one day our watches will travel the galaxy. The infinite universe offers so much to discover and who knows if future space travelers will not be wearing our chronographs on their wrists ?


At AK, we have our heads in the stars, and our eyes riveted on Space, the last and immense frontier to discover and conquer.

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