Space watch chronoscaphe
Space watch chronoscaphe

A new chapter in the Space conquest

The next 10 years promise incredible discoveries and adventures: man's return to the Moon, exploration and then the first human flight to Mars ...

We are facing an incredible era in the Space conquest. 

Who says new era, says creative dreams and 3,001 imaginative possibilities. Shuttles and suits have been completely reconfigured and it's time to rethink an ultra-modern generation of tool watches dedicated to space explorers and their audiences.

It is within this framework that AK Watch Maker conceived the Chronoscaphe collection. It is a vision and a tribute to the courage, optimism and hard work of those who advance the Space conquest.

The watch is intended both for astronauts but also for those who stay on Earth, as a link between travelers in the galaxy and us.

Both a watch and an essential tool for exploration

Chronoscaphe is a gateway to the future of Space exploration.

It is a collection of hybrid watches that combines a traditional watchmaking aspect with light and resistant materials and the possibilities of the latest technologies.


The collection will include new exclusive features dedicated to astronauts and Space lovers.

Space watch chronoscaphe and astronaut
WARP MKII front titanium

With the Chronoscaphe, it is an essential tool that the astronaut will have on his wrist.

For the first time, the watch is a real on-board computer capable of monitoring the astronaut’s vital functions and his environment while indicating the time. 

This is why the watch is designed to fit into a spacesuit connector, allowing it to access the body of the space traveler and collect vital information.

It is controlled by gesture recognition. Indeed, the watch is equipped with 4 optical sensors and 4 laser beams which allow the system to recognize wearer’s gestures. It’s an essential function to easily control the watch interface even with gloves and in a hostile environment.

Tribute, precious and exotic materials

The first case will be entirely in 904L steel. This watch is a tribute to all the precursors in the Space conquest. In the beginning, there was no watch in titanium, carbon or any other material, more or less exotic.


To start a new episode in the Space' conquest history, you must first conclude the previous one. That's why we chose Steel for the first limited series. The rest of the collection combines materials such as titanium, gold and carbon.

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