A 6 in 1 product

Because you are not just anybody, we know that you did not end up here by chance

You did not stumble here by the lucky roll of a die. You are here because our timepiece designs have piqued your curiosity. You saw a photo or a video and you said to yourself “hey... I've never seen this before… And I want to see more of this!”.

You saw it.… We have a different kind of “Haute Horlogerie” here. We have a lot of respect for classic watches but we are not going to make another lookalike. We want to think outside box. And if you do too, then you've come to the right place. 

Welcome to our watchmaking laboratory. We develop never-before-seen designs, technical works of art on which we test many innovations. Everything, so that we can imagine the perfect toys for the wrist.

We make rare timpieces ( we don't make a lot of them) for collectors who want to stray away from the mainstream. If you too don't want to be like everyone else, then we were definitely made for each other.

Ps: Here at AK, we already spend a lot of time making beautiful objects for you, so we don’t want to lose any more time with superficialities and frills.

WARP, The queen of the collection: 15 years and still not a wrinkle to be seen

The Warp celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2023. For the occasion, we have chosen to resume its story.

The WARP is the watch that leaves no one indifferent. Its design, its watch movement, its bracelet, its materials… it does everything differently. It is above all a rare piece. Only around 100 watches were sold and produced between 2008 and 2013.

While the company was dormant for 10 years, requests from the public kept coming in. Collectors wrote us regularly, looking for this lost ark of horology…

We decided to end your frustrations by getting back to it. But beware: the WARP is an extremely complex wristwatch, so we made it a product that will be produced on an order-by-order basis.

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5
LAB-ONE carbon back

LAB-ONE: The watch for your first time

The first hybrid movement, the first shuttle shape, the first mechanical watch with electronic precision, the first watch made in our factory... If you must have a first AK watch, it will be the LAB -ONE.

LAB-ONE is available in 5 finishes: Natural Titanium, Black Titanium, Sandblasted Titanium, Isotropic Carbon, and 904L Steel.

If one of our models caught your eye, go get it now! Because if you wait too long, you will regret it.


REV-ONE: A sequential complication that listens to the wrist

REV-ONE is a mechanical jewel that will leave no one indifferent. It's a watch with a digital display, and the least we can say is that it sure is sophisticated.

We don't have the space to say everything here. So we'll tell you just one thing: the numbers are on rotating drums, which, as an automaton, begin to rotate to set the time. The whole thing starts up only when you turn your wrist.

The model was announced in May 2022 and in only a couple of days, everything was sold… At the moment we are no longer taking orders for this model.

Watch accessories: The essential gift for the watchmaker and the watch collector

Here at AK, we have the nasty habit of wanting to do everything our way. We are makers at heart. We already make our wristwatches in our Manufacture and we create our own machines for the workshop... and we thought: “why not create our own accessories?”

If you came to our site from TikTok, you’ve surely seen our accessories in action already... Maybe you even wanted to try them? Intended for watchmakers and watch collectors, they are ergonomic and stylish tools. Both useful and trendy.

At the moment, only one product, the watchmaker's magnifying glass, is available, but the rest of the collection will soon be released.

So which photo will you be clicking on?

Each of our timepieces are produced with the greatest care,respecting the requirements of Swiss Made, a symbol of quality, safety, authenticity and reliability.

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