You never forget your first time

LAB-ONE isotropic carbon lights on

First space trip: shaped like a shuttle

Those of you familiar with AK since its beginnings will recognize in LAB-ONE the Warp, our first model of more than 10 years.

Evoking a spaceship, the shuttle shape hugs the shape of your wrist. It is both ergonomic and light to wear. With this unexpected form, the watch speaks speed, fluidity, and aerodynamics. It acts as a second skin, fitting perfectly on your wrist.

 The nacelles of a shuttle are the fasteners of this luxury watch, which let you change the bracelet.

Premier mouvement hybride

With LAB-ONE, AK is the first to usher in a completely new horological experience. It is the first watch with  our in-house hybrid movement. It is also the first mechanical watch with a watch engine monitored by electronics. This guarantees you extreme precision and a cornucopia of small bonus features for your watch.

hybrid calibre
LAB-ONE isotropic carbon lights on

The first selective lighting on a timepiece

Even though it is subtle and discreet by nature, the new LAB-ONE watch knows how to make itself seen. It is the first wristwatch equipped with selective electroluminescence. The SuperLuminova™ of the hands is replaced by an electroluminescent surface coating. Traditional luminescent paints have very sporadic reliability and are not very durable.

With our lighting system, you will always know what time it is, even in the darkest places.

And of course, with this dial, love, at first sight, is guaranteed.

A watch that knows how to make itself be desired

LAB-ONE Space watch design
LAB-ONE Space watch design

The idea for LAB-ONE came from one of our customers

In 2020, we wanted to continue AK's watchmaking adventure after a 10-year break. But we lacked the funds to come back with a glorious bang. With a tight budget, it is difficult to mass-produce or make a ruckus with our communication campaigns.

One of our clients and friends gave us the idea of offering preorders to make sure that we have all we need to make the watches so that we can offer a limited series of revolutionary timepieces. A new watch that would make people wait, because the watch is rare and worth it.

The idea was there and all that remained was to create LAB-ONE.


LAB-ONE Space watch design
LAB-ONE Space watch design
LAB-ONE Space watch design

And of course, it’s easier said than done

LAB-ONE is built around its movement. It is also the only watch that will house this caliber. The next watch will have a completely different watch engine.

Since its beginnings, LAB-ONE has changed a lot. Even if coming up with the spaceship shape was obvious, the dial, the bracelet, the bezel and all the rest have evolved a lot. We first tried the didactic dial which tells you how the calibre is. The collection was in a range of blacks and grays that were only distinguishable by its materials. But it wasn’t really what we wanted: the wristwatches lacked personalities.

We then proposed a more space-oriented model with an interdimensional grid, which allows the watch movement to be seen through the dials. In this model, we put color in the bracelets and gave the hands a classic look. A tourbillon of collors in a higly technical watch.

But yet again something was missing. And the public agreed. Our hybrid watch movements are a ground-breaking achievement in horology, but most watch fans don’t just look at the movement. Most of us are not mechanical fanatics. We needed a more intuitive and grounded “wow” effect that spoke to everyone. And that's where the idea for the light came in. Since we had onboard electronics, we could play with them and therefore illuminate the watch.

We were inching closer and closer to our goal but there was still one last remaining step before LAB-ONE. The improved movement forced us to change the exterior look one last time.

This time everything is perfect. LAB-ONE is almost ready to leave the laboratory. The only step remaining is its meticulous, careful, and artistic assembly. Because it is as important to you as it is to us, all of our watches are produced with the greatest care, following the Swiss watchmaking tradition, a symbol of quality, safety, authenticity, and reliability.

And as we want to be sure that it is the best watch out there, you will still have to wait a little bit before you will be able to proudly wear it.

245 watches and not one more

It took 2 years for LAB-ONE to live up to your expectations. We have listened to your opinions and done a lot of testing to continually improve quality.

We followed the request very closely by creating a revolutionary watch. A model, cool enough and out of the ordinary for you to agree to place a pre-order and wait a few months for your order to be ready.

And still in limited edition. A collector. Only 245 watches will be produced and sold. 49 Natural Titanium watches 49 Black Titanium ones, 49 made of Sandblasted Titanium, 49 Isotropic Carbon watches, and finally 49 904L Steel ones.

A word of advice: get them quickly, because the stock won’t increase just for you.


5 Finishes, 5 intergalactic gems

Each model in the collection is distinguished by its strap, its grip, its crown, and its dial.  No leather strap for LAB-ONE. The supplied bracelet is one-piece and without a clasp.  It is a mixture of metallic fibers (titanium) and Nomex hypoallergenic and light material. Robust and solid, it slips on like a rubber band. This unique bracelet is equipped with shape memory: even if you twist it, it regains its shape.

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