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Partnerships to jointly invent the mechanics of tomorrow

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

We also cooperate with pioneering companies on new projects. Everyone brings their know-how and their specialty to build innovations, watchmaking or not.

The expertise and tools developed for watchmaking are applicable to other disciplines. Conversely, the technology developed in other industrial sectors can allow watchmaking to exploit new territories.

A pioneer brand, AK Genève loves to explore new materials. Thus, our first watch, the WARP, was a clever mix of high-tech materials, from the aerospace industry, never adapted to watchmaking at the time. Materials were even created for the occasion. A world first in the AK laboratories, red titanium was born, an isotropic, unbreakable carbon that is as light as a feather.

Each of our watches is an innovation. Whether in terms of its mechanism, its materials or its manufacturing process, there is always a world first.

Invite talented designers: 

AK & Gryaznov Design

The Gryaznov design studio is based in Saint Petersburg. At its head, Vikenty Gryaznov, a talented designer, has notably designed watches for Konstantin Chaykin (Lunokhod watch in 2011) or more recently for young brands such as Gelfman or Isotope.

We have collaborated for the dial of the LAB-ONE. We couldn't imagine this watch without an original dial. The fresh design had to both emphasizes the hybrid movement and respects the spirit of the watch. An innovative dial that allows to see what is happening on the cogs side and that matches the shuttle shape. The result is unique: a sort of spiral or tourbillon that takes you into the mechanical dimension of the watch.

Reinventing the bracelet: 

AK & Dassault systems

Because your comfort is key, we pay special attention to our bracelets. Whether for the Warp or the LAB-ONE, our bracelets are a kind of second skin, which perfectly matches the topology of the wrist. To do this, we use hyper-resistant materials such as Nomex but also new ways of modeling the bracelet.

With the Design studio of Dassault Systems, we are currently developing the first bracelet with a digital DNA, inspired by the know-how of the old craftsmen chain-makers, these are unique piece bracelets that will see the light of day.

Space agencies

The universe in which AK Geneva is part is the conquest of space. Through our watches we wish to pay tribute to those who make the history of space and also to build tools that will be of use to them. The Chronoscaphe is therefore equipped with many tools to facilitate the astronaut's journey through the galaxy.

Together with space agencies and space travelers, we want to build the space watch of tomorrow.

Mission to mars astronaut and LAB-ONE carbone edition

Do you want to develop a project with us?

Do you have an idea of ​​cooperation for us? What if we created our watch of the future together? Perhaps the processes that we have implemented in our products are applicable in your field?

Our company is passionate about innovation, and we would love to take on the next challenges of the 21st century with you, so don't be shy and write to us.

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