The Universe of Digital Mechanics

What if we explored the interior of the spatio-temporal vessel to get to its heart, in the engine room?

At the heart of our futuristic ship, we discover energy reactors, propulsion units, long cylinders connected by pipes and pylons. All kinds of equipment from the future mixed with alien technologies to carry out our intergalactic mission.

Enter the Machinery (Engine room)

The REV-ONE watch has the same shuttle shape as the LAB-ONE. If the two watches are built around the same manufacture caliber (AK-HYB001), it is the display that is totally different.

At the heart of the dial, there is a central axis, a kind of propeller covered with numbers.

And around it full of experimental gear.

The display is ensured by a gear of faceted drums where each figure is engraved. Hours, minutes on one side. On the other, the seconds stand apart on their own rotating axis which rotates continuously.

For each digit of the hours and minutes, there are two drums nested one inside the other. Since the tambours only have a limited number of facets, in this case 6, an internal tambour is added for the remaining digits. The latter displays its numbers through a bezel milled into the main drum.


Spontaneously the watch does not give the time. The numbers are fixed, but when you look at the watch, you engage the mechanism. The machine starts up and as if by magic the counters line up to tell the time. The display is instantaneous, automatic and triggered by the movement of the wrist. Once the dial is oriented towards the gaze of the wearer, the ballet of rotating drums brings each figure to its place to display the time.

Around the display system, there are two wheels. These are two power reserves, one for the mechanical movement (the red one) and the other (the blue one) for the quantity of energy accumulated in the supercapacitor of the electronic movement management circuit.

A laser cannon and a balance wheel that overlook the dial

In the engine room of REV-ONE, next to the automatic drum ball, there is a surprising construction to dose the energy. It is an external balance wheel whose shape is inspired by the towers of Tesla.

The balance we have developed is entirely moulded in graphite, while the weights of the latter are in titanium.

This assembly, insensitive to electromagnetic interference and thermal variations, is encapsulated in a sapphire container. On the periphery of the balance wheel capsule is a small second hand (in red) which rotates around the balance wheel.

The blue arrow next to it is the index, it indicates the advance delay adjustment of the watch.

Last piece of this cog: a laser cannon. It is the absolute weapon to control the precision of the movement. This miniature laser cannon is pointed at the rim of the balance wheel for precise reading of the amplitude without contact.

A model acclaimed by the community

When we design a watch, we pay attention to your feedback. On social networks, we share the first sketches of the model and we listen to your comments. We therefore discuss with collectors to offer the best possible experience.

REV-ONE was born in these moments of discussion with the community, to respond to a request to push the novelty even further.

The time display should, we were told, be as innovative as the design of the watch casing or the design of our hybrid manufacture caliber.

We have therefore decided to open the door to this digital display complication. Jumping hours, of a new kind, which display the time on prismatic drums.


From its first creation, the WARP watch imagined in 2007, AK has used a digital time display. More technical and more modern, it corresponded to the avant-garde ideals of the brand.

A WARP model had even been designed with this central axis of numbers but at the time without electronics. It would have featured a tourbillon escapement and a power reserve indicator.

The model was announced in May 2022 and in only a couple of days, everything was sold… At the moment we are no longer taking orders for this model.

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