LAB-ONE Natural Titanium



Our bluest model is also the most recognizable of the collection. It's the watch we use in all our ads and it is impossible to ignore. A lightweight model that only needs you to purchase it.

Classic Grade 5 titanium watch case, lightweight model, very comfortable to wear, and ultra-resistant. One-piece blue bracelet, metal, and aramid weaving.

Price: € 13’850, -  Excl tax
Limited to 49 Watches


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What really matters about this watch

We will not tell you here how our hybrid movement makes LAB-ONE a world first... Why dwell on the precision and complexity of the caliber, which makes LAB-ONE the only mechanical watch that does not lose its time, when we can talk about the prestige and the obvious social rank that this watch will give you?

 "Knowing how LAB-ONE came to be a product of impeccable quality is not important. The shuttle shape and the exclusive comfort it brings or the multitude of parts of the dial as well with a grid that reproduces the web of space-time and that creates an impression of depth..." This is a pompous sales pitch that doesn’t tell you what’s what. What matters is that you can have this luxury watch before your neighbor (who happens to have a bigger car than you)

Finally, the fact that it lights up when you want it and that it is the only watch that makes SuperLuminova™ lose face… you don't care about that, don’t you? No, what matters is that LAB-ONE will make others green with envy when they see it resting on your wrist.

As you have gathered, LAB-ONE is the timepiece that is missing from your collection. If ever your interest in learning more is piqued, the links can be found here.

Caliber HYB-001
LAB-ONE watch engine
LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Grade 5 titanium for maximum resistance

Natural titanium grants this particular LAB-ONE model lightness and flexibility. Its behavior is very similar to that of platinum. It is very resistant and it is impossible to splinter. Of all the types of titanium, we chose grade 5 titanium because it is the easiest to polish and is the most durable grade.


This material guarantees the wristwatch great resistance to shocks, chemicals, and corrosion while offering incredible lightness.

Because it is as important to you as it is to us, all of our timepieces are produced with the greatest care, following the Swiss watchmaking tradition, a symbol of quality, safety, authenticity, and reliability.


Titanium Grade 5
Hyper light, resistant and bio-compatible
Rubber Crown and Pusher
Better grip and more comfortable
Reliable and durable

The Bracelet: the elegance of Prussian blue

The basic bracelet in the box is only one-piece and is without a clasp. It is a fusion of metallic fibers and Nomex hypoallergenic light material. Robust and solid, it slips on like a rubber band. This unique bracelet uses shape memory for your ease of use.


Per our sales policy, all sales are final, with no possible returns.

Frenquently Asked Questions

The watch box is the charging system.

Your watch needs to be charged for a few hours every week. The best way to keep it running every day is to let your watch charge while you sleep. Simply plug in the transmitter and place your watch within 40 cm of it. Your watch will automatically take the energy needed to fill its tank. ;-)

Yes, just because it contains electrical components doesn't mean you can't take it for a quick swim. The waterproofness of LAB-ONE is 100m / 10Atm.

You will receive a Nomex™ strap with the watch. No leather strap for LAB-ONE. Nomex™ is an ultra-resistant fabric, used for example for firefighters' uniforms or astronauts' suits. This bracelet uses shape memory and is therefore suitable for all wrists, including yours.

Because making a good product by hand often takes time.

AK is a small business that is limited by its scale. For the sake of efficiency, we operate with limited stocks and because our watches are handcrafted, they are manufactured on demand.

Payment happens when the order is complete and the watch will be shipped as soon as the assembly is complete. You will be kept informed throughout the production phase. (For example, watches ordered at the end of 2022 will be shipped by the summer of 2023). Be careful, the longer you wait to order, the longer you will have to wait.

That we are here for you.

It's true that we don't have a shop at the moment where you can try our products out, but we regularly organize meetings with our future customers to reassure them.

Want to chat with our team? Join us on our social media accounts or you can click on the contact button on the website.

We offer a two-year guarantee. But we will still be there for you after that.

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Technical Description


9 o'clock - 3 o'clock 42 mm x 6 o'clock - 12 o'clock 37.8
Height 9 o'clock 5 mm / 3 o'clock 10 mm
Water resistance
 100m / 10Atm
Double-sided, anti-reflective
Grade 5 titanium / Rubber
Diameter 10 mm

anodysed blue titanium grade 5 inner bezel
Satin-finished, electro-luminescent hands
One-piece strap without clasp
Shape memory
Titanium Textile Nomex ™ Universal size

first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE


6 o'clock-9 o'clock: 36.7 mm
6 o'clock-12 o'clock: 33.7 mm 
Height: 6.9 mm and with super cap: 8.75 mm 
Grade 5 Titanium
Grade 5 Titanium
Grade 5 titanium
Optical sensors
Low-power laser and optical dynamometric sensor
Accelerometer / Gyroscope
Manual and automatic winding
Index assembly
Driven by a linear motor
28,800 Alt / h 4HZ Power
Power reserve indicator
Power supply
Rechargeable battery 3.8v / 125mAh
Low consumption Bluetooth


rocket delivery
Free Delivery
2 Years Warranty
locked and key
Secure Payment
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