A legendary watch coming back to life

In the origins of the watch brand, there was a mythical watch that was thought up in the early 2000s: the WARP. 

Its design, its movement, its bracelet, its materials… the WARP did everything differently. Everything was so different from what was being made at the time that the press dubbed it “Star Trek watch”, making the WARP the first unidentified wrist jewel.


A hundred pieces were sold and produced 15 years ago. The adventure unfortunately had to stop there. Because the WARP was exceptional, it did not follow any traditional watchmaking manufacturing process, and for that reason making each piece was a complicated and expensive technological adventure. 

The return of the Beast

AK's story stayed dormant for the next decade.

During these 10 years, however, demand for WARP continued. Regularly, curious collectors have contacted us: “when are you going to resume production? How much does it cost ?" Each time we repeated the same refrain: production was at a standstill. They then always came back within a few months, asking “and now…? ".

Years passed but the dream remained.  References to space started by WARP influenced the history of horology. Some models from competing brands changed to take on the famous shape… Little by little a myth was being created.

In 2023, the WARP celebrates its 15th anniversary. It is now the perfect time to write the rest of this story and please the most patient collectors.

The mythical timepieces are therefore back on sale, but in Limited Edition.

WARP final Edition: 25 watches in Grade 5 Titanium. Palladium or precious materials, as desired, are available on request.

Ready for its grand finale

In 2023, the WARP celebrates its 15th anniversary with a limited Final Edition.

For the occasion, we equiped the watch with an extraordinary mechanism.

Of course, we were not going to deprive you of the pleasure of contemplating it.

The back of the watch has been revised and fitted with a huge panoramic sapphire crystal, which allows you to gaze into the beast.

Majestic new caliber

The new caliber is a compendium of the experience acquired over the past 15 years.

A sculptural mechanism with spectacular finishes.

The titanium movement parts are blackened. The beveled parts have undergone a Rose Gold color surface treatment. The barrel bridge is anodised in blue titanium.

The caliber blends the colors harmoniously. A dominance of black with golden stitching and a few flashes of blue. It is a rewriting of watchmaking tradition with spectacular tunes reminiscent of “space operas”.

An heady ballet at the back

At the back of the movement, impressive high-performance barrel.


The barrel is dominated by its automatic winding system, equipped with a synchronized double rotor with reactive oscillations. The double rotor consists of two sapphire discs carrying platinum weights.


The weights begin to move at each movement of the wrist. It creates an heady ballet, reminiscent of a black hole vortex. A dream, where time and space are consumed to supply the watch with energy.

WARP Final Edition, 25 watches, price starts at 42'000 €

Finally, the jumping hour display system has undergone a major update, including a sequential minute display. 

The power reserve was increased from 48 hours to 5 days.

The final edition is composed of 25 watches in Titanium Grade 5. Palladium or precious materials, as desired, are available on request.

The manufacture of this mechanism and the supplies is 100% ensured by us.

A watch faithful to the wrist

Technique and comfort are the two words that served as inspiration for the WARP. For the first time ever, the shape of a watch is at the service of the wearer's comfort. Neither the buckle of the bracelet nor the crown should ever bother the person wearing it. To make the experience as pleasant as possible, it was necessary to make this watch a second skin.

The idea is simple: making the timepiece a part of the person wearing it while losing out on anything. Every element of the luxury watch was carefully redesigned to create this exceptional experience without time constraints or budget limits. This resulted in the birth of an iconic watch case, with a completely unique shape, which fits the wrist perfectly. All of this reminiscent of the design of a space shuttle.

A super cool movement, because we don't like to do stuff like everyone else

The caliber of this wristwatch is also a tourbillon of innovations. It is an automatic in-house watch movement, with jumping hour/minute functions that use discs. No hands on this one. Instead, there is a mechanical digital display. The figures are engraved on discs which jump in a stark flash whenever a new minute passes.


Meanwhile, the seconds are slippery. They follow continuously in a smooth fashion like the second hand of a classic mechanical watch. The seconds are engraved on a drum that is mounted coaxially on the crown stem. It is the first caliber ever designed with a seconds drum meshing on the barrel.

High tech materials, some created just for the WARP in our "batcave"

Always trying to push innovation the extra mile, high tech materials were used for the WARP. Sourced from and inspired by the aerospace industry, the AK watchmaker team used special carbons and titaniums (carbon fiber with nanotubes and sintered titanium under pressure). At the beginning of the 21st century, the latter had never even been used in watchmaking.


Materials have even been created for the occasion, such as red titanium or an isotropic carbon whose recipe we developed ourselves in our secret laboratory. Our carbon fiber is one of a kind: it doesn't break on impact, it machines well, and most importantly, it is lighter than a feather.

One of the most resistant yet most comfortable bracelets ever created

The strap of the WARP is made of vulcanized rubber FKM rubber (initially in KALREZ ™). It is a material developed to resist anything.  This substance is the one that is used in the parts that are used to seal of sealing space vehicles. Thanks to the presence of fluorine, these “fluorocarbon” elastomers have excellent resistance to heat ( it ranging between −30°C or -22F and 250°C or 482F), fuels and aggressive chemicals.


This material is also synonymous with comfort. It is so comfortable that the person wearing it won’t even feeling and it does not cause any allergic reactions. 


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