« Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of our starship. Its mission (...): to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before! »

If these words make you thrill, then you are the right candidate!

The offered mission

To support its development, AK's team is always on the lookout for talent. Because a good crew must know how to answer to any situation (exploring an uninhabited planet, warped drive space travel, interacting with a hostile alien race ...), we need multiple skills and imaginative profiles.



AK is a desire to dream and think about watchmaking differently. It is a daring adventure to change codes and explore new dimensions. For each of our watches, we seek innovation and progress. We work with new materials, new shapes, new methods ... and our only limit is always trying to provide the best user experience.

What types of profiles interest us to complete our crew?

At AK Watch Maker, our heads are in the stars, and our eyes are fixed on Space, the last and immense frontier to be discovered and conquered. We would be delighted to have you among us.


Fluency in at least two Earth languages ​​is required to board: English and French. 


Don't be shy. We will always get back to you.

Attention, we do not yet practice teleportation, we are still in the technology of teleworking.

You want to explore the horological galaxy and you are not afraid of anything, then we are waiting for your application.

Why are there no specific offers on this page ?

No offer does not mean no recruitment. What we are looking for, are original profiles who are not afraid. Coming with us means, among other things, daring to imagine your job. Our society is like Space, there is still so much to explore ...


Recruitment mistakes happen to everyone. For both the candidate and the employer, this is a trap to be avoided. We are therefore not fan of application letters that point out each part of the job announcements or of imprecise resumes.


We prefer spontaneous applications because the goal is to build together. Tell us what you imagine instead of copying out a job description. Be precise, in space as in watchmaking everything is a matter of meticulousness. And above all, tell us about your past adventures.

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